Chaz Walgamott, Art Director, Owner

A real Ninja-neer of animation. A skillful master of the arts. Always making sure to keep his mind focused, to reach new heights. He cuts through the competition making his work seamless like his roundhouse kicks. Perfectly slices and dices his time as a husband and father, perfectly balancing family, work, and Awesomeness.


Alex Green, Producer

Head honcho and business genius. Not only does he carry us across each deadline with uncompromising quality but he also encourages all those around him to achieve personal success in life. Don’t let the business in the front fool you, he’s got plenty of party in the back as a loving husband, humble father of 3 and loyal friend.


Jacob Moreno, Lead Animator 

The 3D animation world was blown apart by his powerful artistry. His wisdom and knowledgeable prowess shines through his work adding untold depth and flare to everything he touches. His abilities are fire! But the wonders don’t stop there, he also runs great distances, whizzing past the weak-willed and the unprepared. If you think he is limited by mere mortal boundaries, think again there’s also tale of his clone walking among us.


Andrew Blair, Copywriter, Animator

Legend tells of a champion among animators, a warrior who forges new paths and explores new horizons with unwavering bravery. His versatility is peerless and he savagely crushes the challenges set before him. Though he is new to this land he has found, he is no stranger to the deep waters of adversity. He is brutally smashing the opposition on every turn, and conquering each new software he finds. However, his true strength lies in his passion for his work, friends and most of all family. The measure of courage found in his heart for the arts is a cry of victory to all, for what better heart is there, than the heart of an art warrior.


Steven Vanleeuwen, Designer, Animator 

Y’all listen to this. 

This boy ‘bout to take animation to the next level son. You think you’ve finished?! He’s already won. His vocation is creation in animation. It's a causation of collaboration. From his workstation resounding across the whole nation but wait! Now its mutation!  His work in flash is unsurpassed, the rest are all gassed as he blasts past the rest who hope to outlast, it happens so fast! Some others break even while he’s out here leapin’! Sweepin’! Y’all be sleepin’ on the boy we believe in, 

give it up for the wonder, 



Xavior Green, Lead rigging artist, Animator

Brace yourself, for most who gaze upon the art of this mastermind are blown away. His abilities pour deep into the recesses of your mind making it hard to forget such a gift. Though his supernatural power is stifling to the common mind, he gently easy eases you into his otherworldly ingenuity, making the complexity of his craft seem hypnotically smooth.


 We love telling stories. 

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